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The 3 letter word nobody wants to talk about: sin

SIN... That's a word that we really don't want to talk about. Why? Because we know there's consequences that comes from our sin and most importantly, we know it's not pleasing to our Heavenly Father. The first thing we need to establish is, "What is sin?"

We can define sin as disobedience and failing to comply and obey the laws of God. He has given these laws for the direction of His human creations. (That's us!) Since God's law is an expression of His moral nature, we must conform to that law in order to please God's holy nature.

You see, if we are completely honest with each other, we know when we sin. The Holy Spirit in us reveals it to us. Our conscience condemns us when we do wrong. SO, when we do mess up and sin, we need to go to God immediately, repent, and ask Him for His forgiveness.

There are consequences for our sin. We are still suffering in this world from the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve, by an act of their will and because of Satan's deception, determined to do what they wanted rather than what God wanted. Genesis chapter 3 tells us that they wanted to have what God had forbidden. They wanted to know what God had not revealed and be what God had not intended for them to be.

We can blame the devil all day for making us sin, but the devil can not make you do anything that you don't choose to do. You and I have a choice to sin or not to sin. We have to stop trying to place the blame on someone else for our own actions. The worse consequence that comes from sin is it cause a broken relationship between us and God. We need to be getting closer to God and quit letting things come between Him and us.

I say all this today to encourage you as well as myself, LET'S DO BETTER!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Pastor Lee

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